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TripPinUp is an online Travel Magazine/ Travel Blog/ TravelNewtork from the guys who love to Travel. We are a platform connecting worldwide travellers.

TripPinUp prides itself on providing excellent, entertaining, informative and unique travel articles and research about destinations, activities and experiences.
No glossy magazine fluff, no standard guidebook descriptions, no promotional hype; just honest, accurate, well-written and detailed articles and destination guides that speak to an educated, curious and well-traveled audience.  Images are becoming almost more important than the words—so beef up your photo galleries, give us many choices and shoot great pictures.
TripPinUp is always looking for talented, dedicated travel writers, photographers and researchers to join our team.
We welcome queries and articles from professional travel writers and travelers with a strong writing style and something unique to share with our audience. We pay for articles that are high quality, informative and provide useful guidance for a future traveler.
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